Shine On! Mission

Shine On, Wichita! provides events, group programs, and one-on-one coaching services to support heart-centered entrepreneurs in Wichita make money and grow their businesses in an authentic way that doesn’t feel “salesy.”

About the Founder

Ivy LaClair.jpg

Ivy LaClair is a certified business and abundance coach who specializes in helping leaders hone their “inner game” so they can achieve their biggest professional and financial goals. She is the host of Mind Climate, a podcast for folks who want to turn their headspace into a place fit for a destination vacation. Ivy is also a nationwide facilitator and expert in the realm of change, transformation, and success. After spending four years in Berkeley, CA building a multiple 6-figure motivational speaking and coaching business, she returned to her hometown and founded Shine On, Wichita!, a company dedicated to creating community, prosperity, and happiness for business owners in Wichita, KS.